FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What are the hardware requirements?
    The recommended hardware requirements are a minimum of 2GB memory (RAM) and a 2 GHz processor.
  2. What are the software requirements?
    To run EasyTRA, a Java Runtime installation of version 1.8 or higher is required.
  3. Do I need administrative rights to install or run the software?
    No. As long as you have the write permission in the installation folder you do not need administrative rights. The only exception is the automatic creation of a shortcut to the file extension .tra, which needs administrative rights.


  1. Which versions of IUCLID 6 are supported?
    EasyTRA supports all versions from 6.0(.x) to 6.6(.x) of IUCLID 6.
  2. How does the communication with IUCLID 6 works?
    Interaction with IUCLID 6 using third party tools is only possible via IUCLID 6 Web Services. This functionality is alread builtin into IUCLID 6. After having installed easyTRA, the Web Server URL (e.g. http://iuclid6server/webstart/) is then entered into the IUCLID 6 settings of EasyTRA.
  3. Which information is exchanged between IUCLID 6 and EasyTRA?
    The import function retrieves the physical/chemical properties of the substance and the exposure scenarios from section 3.5 of IUCLID 6. The export function exports the calculated scenarios back into section 3.5 and 3.7 of IUCLID 6. A complete mapping list can be found in the handbook.


  1. Which licence is best for me?
    As a single user (e.g. a company, an importer or an Only Representative) you need a standard licence or an expert license, depending on which program extensions you require. If you are a consultant or if you are working for a SIEF or a consortia you need a consortia licence. Consortia licenses are valid for one substance only but for multiple users whereas standard and expert licences are valid for an unlimited number of substances but only one user. Note: For substance-rich consortia it might be economical if all consortia members purchase an own expert  licence. Further information on the scope of the various licences can be found here.
  2. May I use the software on behave of third party companies?
    You may only use EasyTRA on behalf of a third party if the third party holds a standard or an expert licence and you are using easyTRA exclusively for the purposes of the third party or if you both hold a consortia licence for the same substance.